Adoption, implementation and purchase of 3D printing

Supply Value has done research into the adoption, implementation and purchase of 3D printing. As a result of the previous research into 3D printing and supply chain management, further research has been done into the internal changes at companies that invest in 3D printing. Fifty 3D printing buyers participated in this study. They received statements about the future of 3D printing, the barriers they experienced when adopting 3D printing and questions about internal changes through 3D printing. The focus was on the purchasing department and its activities.3D printing

Results research

Buyers anticipate a great future for 3D printing. They expect that the use of production technology will increase and there will be more and more applications
to be found. As the biggest barrier to investment in 3D printing, they called knowledge and the uncertainty of product quality. Internal changes during implementation are particularly visible in the production strategy and product design. The supply chain is also experiencing changes. This shortens the supply chain and lead time and requires new suppliers. Only a few buyers indicate that the production takes place closer to the customer.

The purchasing department is also influenced by 3D printing. More than a third of purchasers indicate that more is being produced. The contact with suppliers has also changed. The collaboration with the 3D printing supplier is much closer than with traditional suppliers. Much more use is made of the expert knowledge of suppliers and the product design is increasingly being done externally.

Research report adoption, implementation and purchase of 3D printing

Knowing more? The full research report contains the exact percentages, more findings and recommendations. Download the full research report via the link below.

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