Webinar: How can I publish my tender faster?

After several successful projects at various organizations in which we realize the publication of a tender within 10 days, we are asked from various quarters how we do this. How does this approach work, what should I pay attention to, what are the risks, and is this possible in my organization? We will answer these and many other questions in our Webinars about tendering in 10 days. With ample attention for questions, cases and other tips and tricks.

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Webinars Tender in 10 days:

  • Monday 8 February at 14:00
  • Wednesday 17 February at 15:00
  • Friday, March 5 at 9:30 AM

Don't want to wait for this? Then take a look at our Tender in 10 days webpage. There you will find, among other things, a description of the approach, cases from practice and articles from the media.

Check out our Toolkit to see what the 10 days look like and which tools and methods can help you in this approach!

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