In addition to training and education, Supply Value Academy also offers coaching. The coaches that we all have, besides their academic knowledge, years of practice experien g acquired in different sectors, so that they not only have the teaching skills to coach, but also the required expertise to include supply chain and performance management. This z Filling they may understand w situation and thus better able to coach. 

Leadership coaching

With leadership coachin g we look at individual behavior and we look at the impact of communication and social skills. You can think of the way of motivating your employees or persuasiveness . By consciously dealing with this, we want to realize a transition from (un)consciously incompetent to consciously competent . 

Team coaching

Team coaching focuses on the functioning of the team. Play among other roles within the team, shared goals and feel a big role. By looking at this together, possible conflicts can be prevented and the team can perform better.   

Performance coaching

Performance coaching looks at how results can be improved. Think of things like concentration, mentality and focus. This can be done at individual and team level. Together we will look at which aspects are important, after which we look at how the right balance can be found. By finding the right balance between the aspects that influence the result, the result can be achieved more effectively. 

Customized coaching  

Coaching's programs can be designed to match your requirements. An intake will take place in which your wishes and the goal of the coaching process will be discussed . The results of this form the basis of a tailor-made process, in which specific attention is paid to your issue and your situation. The coaching takes place at the location of your choice. 

Masterclass NLP 

Besides coaching we offer an (online) masterclass 'R eport with NLP' a an inside our academy. 

Turn on all your senses for rapport! Walk away from this masterclass with all the skills to make a click with your interlocutor in every conversation using rapport.

Got curious? More information about this masterclass can be found here 

NLP masterclass
More information about coaching? 

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Our coaches 

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