Quick Scan: chain cooperation maturity

Consumer demand is changing. Products and services are increasingly intertwined, a trend that is also known as 'servitization'. In order to be able to offer customers a complete solution, organizations are forced to take the form of a network organization in which there is increasing cooperation with other organizations in the value chain. But how do you as an organization determine how best to tackle this? How do you find out at what level the partners in the chain work together, and what can you do to take this to a higher level?

To help organizations answer these and similar questions, Supply Value is currently working on the Quick Scan chain collaboration maturity. By participating in this Quick Scan, it is determined on the basis of a small number of questions at what maturity level your organization is in the field of chain collaboration. Participants receive a maturity score on the following five aspects:

  • Goals
  • Alignment between goals and processes
  • Processes
  • governance
  • Organization

Together, these aspects give you an idea of how effective and efficient the collaboration between your organization and your chain partners is. In addition, the Quick Scan generates an automated advice report based on these scores, with practical advice that you can use immediately to raise the level of cooperation in your chain to a higher level.

Digital Consulting Platform

Supply Value is busy this year developing the Digital Consulting Platform. This online platform contains various Quick Scans, which can be completed quickly and easily for any organization. Think of contract management, performance management, and effective meetings. The Quick Scan chain collaboration maturity will be the next addition to this platform. By completing this Quick Scan you will know within a few minutes at which maturity level your organization is in the field of chain collaboration. In addition, it delivers Digital Consulting Platform you will receive an automatically generated advice report after completing it, with concrete points that your organization can pick up to reach a higher maturity level.


The Quick Scan is currently still under development. Are you interested in this Quick Scan? Then sign up for the pre-registration via this link. We will then keep you informed of the latest developments in the field of chain cooperation and of our Quick Scan.

Are you interested in Supply Value or do you want to know more about chain collaboration? Please contact us at info@supplyvalue.nl or 088 0555 999.