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Innovative procurement with a tender in 10 days

Successful tender processes are characterized within most government organizations by lengthy preliminary processes to which various departments and layers of the organization contribute at a certain point in time. These preliminary processes can often take up to 9 months. Supply Value has succeeded in shortening this process to 10 days. This approach has now been successfully applied at UWV and UBR|HIS, among others.

On this collection page you can read everything about our approach 'Procurement in 10 days' with tools, cases, insights and much more!

Webinars Tender in 10 days

After several successful projects at various organizations in which we realize the publication of a tender within 10 days, we are asked from various quarters how we do this. How does this approach work, what should I pay attention to, what are the risks, and is this possible in my organization? We will answer these and many other questions in our Webinars about tendering in 10 days. With ample attention for questions, cases and other tips and tricks.

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Tendering in 10 days: how did UBR|HIS experience this approach?