Case: Tender in 10 days with UWV: from start to publication

Does your organization take months to make all the decisions and prepare documents needed for a tender? That is not crazy; it happens in many organizations. Often this has to do with complicated decision-making procedures involving people from different organizational units or difficulty understanding the situation because the time between the different meetings is too long. This often leads to people waiting for each other, losing documents, or even taking steps that have already been completed again. However, it is not necessary that this process takes so long. It is even possible to complete this entire process in just 10 days.

In this case description you can read how Supply Value, together with UWV, delivered all the necessary decisions and documents needed to publish a tender within 10 days. We used various templates and methods, including the Value Sprint© method, which has been developed by Supply Value itself. After a description of the context, we therefore provide an explanation of how we have set up the process and how this has worked out in practice. We then explain how the client of the tender and the purchasing department experienced it to carry out this normally 9-month process in 10 days.


Curious about how a tender works in practice in 10 days? download then here entirely free the whole case.

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